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The processes for making for order can be done via email, Whatsapp, Line, and telephone calls. We suggest you to contact us for the first step. Because products prices can be vary day to day and product availability can be changed, we suggest you to follow the steps on how to make an order. Before we can begin, please be notified by "Terms & Conditions" Below

Terms & Conditions


1.Minimum order is 10 units/model and at minimum amount is $500 per order if shipping in Thailand or $1,000 for oversea shipping.

2. For "Making for Order", the minimum is 100 pieces or pairs per model. Lower minimum applies in some cases.

3. Customers need to make a deposits, at 30% of estimated order value, before we can start making your order.

4. The deposits cannot be refund, and you need to transfer the remaining amount to us before we can ship your parcels.

5. You are responsible for shipping costs, insurance costs if included

6. After the parcels have been shipped, we have no responsibility in case of stolen, delayed or damaged. Adding assurance is recommended

How to Order



Requesting For Catalogs

As we have over 10,000 SKUs, we cannot show all products on the website. Please let us know what type of products you are looking for, and we will send you the catalog pictures to you individually as requested. 


Product Selection & Price Quotation

After you saw our catalogs, you can send us the items or product codes that you are interested in, with instructions. For example, you send code "RT 001" for plain silver ring, with instruction of having oxidized, and sizes with quantity.

Then, we will quote the estimate price and estimate ordering time for you.

Price request.png
Invoice Confirmation.jpg


Proforma Invoice Confirmation

This process can begin after you inform us with given price and quantity. Then, we will send proforma invoice for you. The proforma invoice is customizable given to your instruction. You can check your shipping address, estimated total price, and product descriptions here. At this step, you will also be informed with the estimated delivery time. You can change, add, or delete item in this step before the next step.


Making Deposits

For "making for order", we require the deposits of 30% of estimated order value in all cases. The deposits cannot be refunded. Then, you need to make the remaining payment before we ship your items. Deposits can be exempted in some cases. For example, you may not need to deposits if we have full amount or most of your order  in stock.



Make Payment & Product Shipping

Once the order has complete, we will ask you to make total payment. After that, we will ask you to send the copy of payments. We will start shipping you product immediately after we receive payment confirmation from our bank. Customer can choose Delivery Company (UPS, FedEx, EMS, or DHL), or we will choose for you. After shipment, we will provide you with tracking detail. We will consistently check the shipment status, and may ask you when you receive your parcel.


(+66) 85 146 6144

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