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We are in silver sterling businesses for over 30 years. Mr. Prasit and Mrs. Katsaya started business from scratch from smaller retailer to one stop destination wholesalers and manufacturers. We works with high skills labour and able to source high quality of materials with strong relationship with suppliers for over 30 years. Nowadays, we have over +10,000 repeating customer globally, with over +10,000 SKUs, and we continue to strive to maintain high product quality to serve all type of customers. 


Mr. Piyanut, both founders' son  is now a successor. He is very passionate in silver and fashion businesses and emphasize on upgrading the quality of product and services. Both founders are still working in this shop to ensure that business can operate smoothly with their experience.

Piyanut Kummata

Current successor of the business who come up with the ideal of "Trying all best to serve customers, to understand customers, and deliver best in class products quality and services to customer"

Katsaya Kummata (Founder)

She is currently the chairman on the business. She has strong experience in this businesses and currently be an consultant for the shop.

Prasit Kummata (Co-founder)

He is still in business. He has strong customer relationship and product knowledges. His expertise is very beneficial to the company. He is in charge of controlling production processes and enhance relationship with customers

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